Critical thinking

Our goal is to help your children form their own judgment in discovering new concepts. Through critical thinking, they can connect their ideas and apply the values that they learn when they make decisions.


We value the dreams your children wish to achieve. Their ideas are free to take flight with us, journeying through all its stages in a supportive environment.
AHEAD Alpha is among the first schools to implement a learning curriculum designed for an online medium. Our teachers are trained to understand the platform, which allows them to maximize your children’s growth.


With us, your children are free to respectfully express their thoughts without judgment. We promise to provide them with a safe and accepting online environment to process what they learn.


We understand that excellence differs for each child. At AHEAD Alpha, we encourage our students to pursue their own meaning of excellence.

Good values

At AHEAD Alpha, we aim to educate your children about real-world challenges. We encourage our students to apply what they learn with us to their lives outside of our online sessions.

Tripteach Programs



AHEAD Alpha’s learning is tailored to the individual student, just like how homeschooling approaches are tailored to your children. You will have a big role on how your child’s education will go!

Progressive learning

Progressive learning

AHEAD Alpha prizes experience over memorization, just like how  progressive approaches focus on learning by doing. Your children will learn moral values and become better citizens!

Traditional education

Traditional education

AHEAD Alpha still retains the organization and structure of traditional education, which will help your children excel based on DepEd standards. With us, tests are only for accreditation! So, your children will be at par, or even better, than their peers.


BlendFlex (Blended-Flexible) learning is an approach that combines online learning and the traditional classroom. Students learning with BlendFlex can switch between online learning and the traditional classroom at their own choice. This benefits students greatly, especially if the unpredictable weather or a pandemic keeps them at home, or if they lose internet access. This ensures that their learning will never be interrupted!

AHEAD Alpha intends to make learning enjoyable for your children, by taking the best of traditional education, progressive learning, and homeschooling and tailoring them to their needs! They not only learn to love education and self-improvement, but they also become the leaders of tomorrow!

What We Envision For Your Child

AHEAD Alpha’s curriculum is based on the FOUR PILLARS of education, as identified by Unesco’s Task Force on Education for the 21st century. These are:

1. Learning to KNOW

Education should develop one’s concentration, memory skills, and ability to think.

2. Learning to DO

Education should equip people to accomplish the types of work needed in the future.

3. Learning to LIVE TOGETHER

From childhood, people should learn about human diversity and gain an awareness of the similarities and interdependence of other people.

4. Learning to BE

Education should contribute to the fulfillment of the human person as an individual, a family and community member, and a citizen of the world.

What We Want To Teach

Psychological Education

We will help you keep your children mentally healthy through mental health sessions. They will also learn how to be resilient. With these, they will be able to cope with adversity, such as what’s happening in the world right now.

Social Interaction

Your children will be able to see their classmates and engage in different activities with them. This will teach them how to connect with others.


Mental Preparation

We prepare your children for the rigors of traditional exams.

Physical Learning

Your children will not only develop their mental skills, but we will hone their physical skills with our dance classes!

We are guided by

Life skills first, before testing

Learning for learning, not testing

The use of advance organizers to tap into the learner’s experience

A teacher should strengthen the student’s will to learn

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