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Online K to 12 School

A complete solution that will erase your worries about the quality of education your child will get at this time.

Homeschool Provider

If you would opt to teach your children yourself, we can provide the curriculum, the materials, lesson plans, and tests—the same materials we’ll be using in our own classes. The only difference is that you will be the teacher!

Homeschool Support

We understand that not all parents have the skills to teach certain subjects. Not only will we provide you with the tools you need to give you support, but AHEAD Junior is also here to teach your children! AHEAD Junior’s tutors are equipped with the knowledge and skills to teach your kids, especially in subjects like Math and Science, that you may have problems with.

  • Tutorial for subjects your child just can’t understand.

  • Review for PEP Test and entrance exams.

Training for Teachers and Parents

We can teach teacher-parents how to teach your children.

School Transition

We can help schools pivot seamlessly to online learning.

We can convert learning materials to digital format, easily accessible using different/multiple teaching platforms. We can demonstrate usage of different learning platforms, highlighting the pros and cons of each.

We can recommend which learning platform best suits your requirements including compatible equipment to optimize platform performance.

We can train your teachers and staff, including parents and students on the proper usage of each platform.

Homeschool Support


Php 600 / hr   

Entrance exams

Php 8,000 up

Group tutorial

Php 3,999 / month/subject

Homeschool Provider

Early Adopter Rate

Php 19,000.00

Homeschool Premium

Early Adopter Rate

Php 39,000.00

Homeschool Plus

Early Adopter Rate

Php 59,000.00

Online K-12 School

Early Adopter Rate

Php 89,000.00

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