AHEAD Alpha is the first-ever BlendFlex basic education school in the world. BlendFlex allows your children to get the best of face-to-face, in-person interaction mixed with virtual/online learning,and you can switch from face-to-face learning to virtual learning depending on your needs!

Alpha uses phenomenon-based learning, where students handle real-life challenges using teamwork and creativity!



Enrollment is on-going

Academic Year 2020 to 2021

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1. Fill out the Enrollment Form below:

AHEAD Alpha Profile Form>>

2. Once we have received your enrollment form, we will provide you the account name and number through email. 

3. Deposit your payment to the Bank of the Philippine Islands, either in-branch or online.

When depositing your payment in-branch:

    • Write the following information on the deposit slip: *Student’s full name
      *Landline and/or mobile number
      *BPI branch where the deposit was made

When paying via online transfer:

  • In the “”Enter Notes” portion of the app/website, please enter the student’s full name and landline/mobile number
  • Save a screenshot of the transaction as a proof of payment  

4. Email the deposit slip/online bank transfer screenshot and enrollment requirements to:

*alpha@ahead.edu.ph (Subject: Enrollment for (student’s name) )

We will send an acknowledgment email to confirm that we have received the enrollment requirements and payment.

Pay via Paypal


Here’s how you go about the enrollment:

1. Download and fill out the Enrollment Form.

2. Download and review the Terms and Conditions before continuing on with the payment.

3. Email the following to alpha@ahead.edu.ph(Subject: Enrollment for [service to be paid for])

Student’s full name
– Landline and/or mobile number
– School
– Mode of Payment (which is PayPal)
– Chosen review schedule with its corresponding venue

– Attached filled Enrollment Form

4. Choose your desired program from the drop down menu below. Please be sure input your email address there as well. The link will automatically send you to PayPal. Input the price of the service given to you by our staff.





170 B. Gonzales St, Loyola Heights, Quezon City


  •  A laptop or desktop (w/ webcam) with the following minimum specifications:

>Intel Core i3 and 4GB DDR4 Memory

  • An internet connection with a minimum speed of 5 mbps.



  • Any government-issued ID of parents and student
  • Application Form/Student Profile
  • Last Report Card (Form 138)/PEPT Results
  • Photo (shoulders visible)
  • Online Diagnostic Test (500-1000 pesos)
  • Attendance of Parent’s Seminar
  • Technical Training

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