Being an Alpha Lifelong Learner (BALL)

In this, we will teach your children values, manners, current events, and other life lessons that are important to the development of a member of society. This class also fosters a student’s love of learning through proven non-traditional education tools such as movies and stories! 

Incorporating lessons in narratives allows students to absorb information more effectively than through ordinary lectures. 

We hope that through this subject we can promote UNESCO’s four pillars of education: learning how to learn, Learning to KNOW, Learning to DO, Learning to LIVE TOGETHER, and Learning to BE. We also hope to teach adaptability, critical thinking, creativity and resilience.

Singapore Math

Singapore Math teaches students how to think in a different way. Higher-level mathematics is almost purely based on the ability to understand concepts. Through Singapore Math, the mental flexibility of our students is developed.

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is an effective way to retain information/learning because it replicates how the mind works. Our students will learn how to use mind maps to retain the information they learn from the books that they read.


We read a lot of things every day, but we only have 24 hours in a day. To get around this, our students will learn how to read faster while retaining comprehension using our speed-reading lessons and techniques!


We will teach Science through speed-reading and mind mapping. Our students will understand it better and can advance to higher levels with relative ease.


We will teach Foreign Languages such as Japanese, Korean, Spanish & Mandarin. They will only learn basics so when they travel they can communicate.

Music, Arts and PE

Students, no matter what age, require movement to keep their brains and body active. Through music, arts, and unique PE classes (think yoga for kids!), your children will remain engaged with physical activities, despite being at home.

Social Studies

Students will learn about different perspectives from different cultures around the globe. This is to train them not just as future leaders of the country, but also of the world.


By learning Filipino language and literature, students shall develop genuine love for the motherland, making them more productive citizens of the country.

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